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Printed Circuit Boards

As a printed circuit board (PCB) vendor in Asia, we are dedicated to be your best partner of advance, high-precision printed circuit boards, such as Metal Core PCB (MCPCB) such as Aluminium PCB, Copper PCB, Heavy Copper boards, mixed layers, High TG, HDI(1-2-1, 2-4-2), high frequency, impedance controlled board and so on.

What we provide is not only PCB & MCPCB manufacturing, but also including PCB duplicating, Engineering & process design, components management & sourcing solution, PCB in house assembly & full system integration, surface mounted technology (SMT) and conventional assemblies.

Full Product Lines of Printed Circuit Boards

Based on different base material, there're three basic types but not limited to: FR-4 PCB, CEM-3 PCB and Metal Core PCB.

For FR-4 PCB, right now, we just class it into S/S PCB, 2 Layers PCB, Multi-Layers PCB (up to 30 layers).

For MCPCB, which full name is Metal Core Printed Circuit Board, there're single layer MCPCB and double layers MCPCB.

Special PCB, in fact, should be sorted to above two tapes, but considering special requirements, so we list it separately. Right now, we can make RF boards (Rogers materials), Heavy Copper PCB (4~6 OZ/ft2), HDI, and Burn-in boards.


Flexible PCB Rigid Flex PCB PCBA  
Metal Burn in board
Metal PCB HDI Burn in Board Rigid PCB


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